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Nicolai Bergmann - Wedding Decoration

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

Nicolai Bergmann - Wedding Decoration

- 일시 : 2015. 10. 17

- 장소 : Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

- 촬영 : FLORAL TODAY family 김세태, 김지성 팀장





Nicolai Bergmann is one of Japan’s most recognizable foreign artists, whose name is synonymous with contemporary floral design.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Nicolai’s work in Japan has given floristry a new dimension and pushed it further into the fashion and design worlds by using his eye for color, form, balance and detail to collaborate on a range of design projects with some of the world’s most prominent design houses.

Nicolai’s work unites the floral design principals of Europe with Japanese sensitivity to detail and fine craftsmanship, while embodying the confidence of Scandinavian style. The diversity of his clientele demonstrates his range as an artist, as he perfectly translates his client’s image into decorative works of art.

The brand ‘Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design’ is now an internationally sought after name for design collaboration projects, product launches, event architecture and consultancy, as well as special events and wedding design.




니콜라이 웨딩 01.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 02.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 03.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 04.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 05.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 06.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 07.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 08.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 09.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 10.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 11.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 12.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 13.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 14.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 15.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 16.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 17.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 20.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 21.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 22.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 23.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 24.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 25.jpg


니콜라이 웨딩 26.jpg






IMG_5510 PP.jpg








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