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IFEX 2016 Demonstration - Keita Kawasaki

IFEX 2016 Demonstration
Keita Kawasaki


2016. 10. 14 MAKUHARI MASEE

photo 김세태 (Saetae Kim) Floral Today





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フラワーアーティスト 川崎景太

2006年-2013年 「マミフラワーデザインスクール」の主宰を務める。


Keita Kawasaki, Flower Artist

Born in Tokyo in 1958. 
2006-2013 The chief-leader of Mami Flower Design School.
In 2014, he launched a new brand, 'Keita,' which aims to pursue the charm of plants and flowers in a variety of different genres. At the same time, he has created many installations designed to bring out the power of works by artists such as Taro Okamoto, Isamu Noguchi, Satoshi Yabuuchi, Rene Lalique and Itchiku Kubota.
Has gained a solid reputation as a designer of bold spatial installations which are at once flower art and a form of contemporary art in general. Has won many prizes for his displays and designs. In his works, which express a variety of moods and feelings, there can be found a consistent stance of treating 'plants as living creatures' and a desire to propose to contemporary society the theme of 'sharing lives and sharing feelings.’ 


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