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Hideyuki Niwa 丹羽英之 (Japan)

Hideyuki Niwa 丹羽英之
Hideyuki Niwa Design Office

Kamon Flowergate Inc.
3-19-12 Hacchobori,Chuo-ku,Tokyo

2F OPAQUE building
2-1-1 Marunouchi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan

Contact Person

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Hideyuki Niwa 丹羽英之

· Flower artist Director of Hideyuki Niwa Design Office.
· 2012 Awarded Gold Leaf Prize at International Floral Art 12/13 in Belgium. 
· 2013 Won JFTD JAPAN Cup and Awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize. 
· 2014 Won third-place at the worldwide Asia Cup 2014.
· Held a solo exhibition “Eternal Time”at the Hiroshi Senju Museum in Karuizawa.

  Published: Hideyuki Niwa Japanese · Contemporary Floral Art (2013)



丹羽英之 HideyukiNiwa|1973

2013年、自身のデザインチームHideyuki Niwa Design Office を立ち上げる。
フラワーパフォーマンスユニット「mixture」を 兄である丹羽伸次と結成。




2002 関東東海花の博覧会 アレンジ部門にて金賞・農林水産大臣賞受賞
2004-2007 国際バラとガーデニングショウにてデザインワークとデモンストレーション
2005-2007 国際フラワーEXPO(IFEX)にてデザインワークとデモンストレーション
2007 一般社団法人日本生花通信配達協会主ジャパンカップ2007にて5位入賞
2009「AYANA Resort Spa BARI」のウエディングフラワー及び館内装花をプロデュース
2010 ベルギー【International Floral Art 10/11】にてブロンズリーフ賞受賞
2012 ベルギー【International Floral Art 12/13】にて最優秀賞ゴールドリーフ賞受賞
一般社団法人日本生花通信配達協会主催 ジャパンカップ2012にて準優勝
東京丸の内にて初の単独個展「Hideyuki NIWA Contemporary Floral Art」を開催
2013 一般社団法人日本生花通信配達協会主催 ジャパンカップ2013にて優勝・内閣総理大臣賞受賞
2014 フラワーデザイン国際競技会「アジアカップ2014」にて3位入賞



Hideyuki Niwa was born in 1973 in Aichi. At the age of 20 he graduated from Tokyo's flower college and in the same year he got employed by Kamon Flower Gate Co Ltd; a fruitful environment for an artist eager to learn and develop.
Hideyuki Niwa was manager and chief floral designer of FLOREAL OPAQUE Marunouchi, a company organizing wedding ceremonies at hotels in Japan and abroad.
He starts his own design team ‘Hideyuki Niwa Design Office’ in 2013. He often takes part in competitions to challenge himself and tries creating and photographing a new design every day to get a thorough understanding of the characteristics of flowers and their possibilities.
Hideyuki teams up with his brother Sinji in his quest to create a new sort of flower design - combining flowers with other materials to bring the designs and floral arrangements to the next level, hence the name of their partnership ‘mixture’.
Most important realisations and exhibitions.



2002 Selection of flower arrangements for the Flower Exposition of Kanto Tokai Prize of Minister of Agriculture
2004-2007 Designs and demonstration at International Rose and Gardening show
2005-2007 Exhibtion of works and demonstration at the International flower EXPO
2007 Fifth place in the JFTD Japan Cup
2009 Floral designs for wedding ceremony and room decoration at ‘AYANA Resort and Spa BARI’
Seventh place in the JFTD Japan Cup
2010 Bronze Leaf award in the ‘International Floral Art 10/11’ (Belgium)
Fourth place in the JFTD Japan Cup
2012 Gold Leaf (first prize) in the ‘International Floral Art 12/13’ (Belgium)
Second place in the JFTD Japan Cup
Solo Exhibition ‘Hideyuki NIWA Contemporary Floral Art’ in Tokyo
2013 First place and the Prime Minister's Prize in the JFTD Japan Cup
2014 3rd place in the ‘International Asian Cup 2014’

제목 날짜
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Tetsuo Izuta 出田哲夫 (Japan) 2016.07.29
Naoki Sasaki 佐々木直喜 (Japan) 2016.07.29
KEITA KAWASAKI 川崎景太 (Japan) 2016.07.29
Keiko Yonekawa 米川慶子 (Japan) 2016.07.29
Hideyuki Niwa 丹羽英之 (Japan) 2016.07.29
Choi Sung-Bouk 최성복 (Korea) 2016.07.29
Kay lee 李慧淑(其蔓) (China) 2016.07.29
Ying Guohong 应 国 宏 (China) 2016.07.29
Kim Young-Bun 김영분 (Korea) 2016.07.29
Yoon Mi-Sook 윤미숙 (Korea) 2016.07.29
서을지 2016.05.25
황숙희 2016.05.25
황미임 2016.05.25
장권순 2016.05.25
임경자 2016.05.25
오면 Oh Myeon 2016.05.25
손병남 Son Byung-Nam 2016.05.25
Kim Eun-kyung 김은경 (Korea) 2016.05.25
김선례 2016.05.25

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