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Cindy Chao (Macau)

Cindy Chao

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Cindy Chao

Chao Pui Wa, AIFD


Chairman of Macau WFC 25th Jubiless Summit - Let's Shine together

Owner of valentine Flower Shop

Professor of Sogetsu Japanese Floral Designer Since 1993

Floral Design teacher of AFS (American Flower Services) Since 1993

Chairman of the Macau Foundation Chapter of WFC

Principal of Pui Wa Floral Design School (Macau since 1989 & Beijing since 2001)

Chairman of Macau Flower Association (2007-2014)

Judge of the World Skills Competition (2003-2015)



Guest Designer / Lecturer / Exhibitor on the following workshops and Floral Show :

- Exhibition and Demonstration for Zen Artistry in Oriental Flower Exhibition (Malaysia, Dec, 2017)

- Exhibition for Kuala Lumpur Orchid & Bonsai Show 2017 (Malayisa, Dec, 2017)

- Performance for 중국어 중국어 중국어 중국어 Flower Design Show (Beijing, Nov, 2017)

- Demonstration for Japan Flower Design Award (Oct, 2017)

- Observers of Worldskills - Floristry (Abu Dhabi) (Oct, 2017)

- Exhibition for The 9th China Flower Expo (Sep, 2017)

- Exhibition for International Horticulture Goyang Korea (Apr, 2017)

- Exhibition for International Flower and Garden Show Japan (Oct, 2016)

- Exhibition for Royal FLORIA Putrajaya, Malaysia (May, 2016)

- Exhibition and Demonstration for Japan Flower Design Award (Feb, 2016)

- Expert of Worldskills - Floristry (Brazil) (Aug, 2015)

- HK WFC 25th Anniversary - Guest demonstrator (Mar, 2015)

- Committee member of Oversight Board of The 3rd China Cup flower compettion (Oct, 2013)

- Expert of Wolrdskills - Floristry (Germany) (July, 2013)

- Invitation by Singapore Government for the Flower and Garden Show - Judge (July, 2011)

- Exhibition for the AFDU Symposium 2009 in Bookcity, Korea (Aprill, 2009)

- Exhibition for Singapore Garden Festival (July, 2008)

- Demonstration for Sanya International Orchid Show (Since 2006)

- Demonstration for the AIFD National Symposium - Phenomenon in Washington D.C., U.S.A. (July, 2006)

- Exhibition for Hong Kong Flower Show (since 1986)





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