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Harijanto Setiawan (Singapore)

Harijanto Setiawan

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Harijanto Setiawan



An architect by training, Harijanto Setiawan’s true passion lies in floristry. Acclaimed for his artistic vision in the areas of floral-scape.

Harijanto’s talents have been employed at numerous events both in Singapore and internationally.

Harijanto’s spectacular floral creations are also regularly seen at celebrity and mega weddings takingplace here and abroad.

Breathtakingly fluent in the language of flowers,his works inspire as much as they entertain.

Principal floral consultant for Ritz Carlton Hotel Krabi in Thailand, Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore, Intercontinental Hotel in Danang Vietnam, St. Regis Singapore, Vice President President of Floral Designers Society Singapore,etc

His floral style is Stylish and flamboyant.

Harijanto is the first Floral designer in Singapore awarded by President of Republic Singapore as Designer of the Year at Singapore Istana

Harijanto is the founder of BOENGA PTE LTD in Singapore 2002, A floral studio that has its own reputation in the unique floral projects

He is a floral ambassador for Floral Fundamental Holland

Currently he is judging many international floral competitions in the world

Last week, he represented Singapore at IPM ESSEN 2018 in Germany as demonstrator




Among others here are the portfolios in the highlite


1/ Silver leaf Award in the International floral art 10/11 - Belgium


2/ Best Show and Gold Award at Singapore Garden Festival 2012


3/ Best florist 2009/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17 by Singapore Tatler, A high end Socialites Magazine


4/ 1st -International Designer of the Year 2015 by Fusion Flowers London


5/ Silver Gilt Medal at Chelsea Flower Show London 2013


6/ Designer of the Year 2013 – President’s Design Award Singapore


7/ Gold Medal as Floral Ambassador at Royal Floria Putrajaya Flower Festival 2015


8/ Best Colours. Gold medal at Sanya Orchids Show 2015, China






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제목 날짜
Park Kyung-Min 박경민 朴倞民 2014.11.27
Takumi Nakaya 中家 匠海(Japan) 2015.01.16
Jung In-young 정인영 鄭因玲 2014.10.30
Lee Jae-hyo 이재효 李在孝 2014.10.30
Julia Youngju Kim 김영주 金榮珠 2014.10.30
Nam Hee-eun 남희은 南姬銀 2014.10.30
Kim Eun-young 김은영 金恩榮 2014.10.30
Seo Myeong-ok 서명옥 徐明玉 2014.10.30
Han Myeong-soon 한명순 韓明淳 2014.10.30
Masako Yoshikawa 吉川昌子 (japan) 2015.05.25
Kye Kyoung-ok 계경옥 桂京玉 2014.10.30
Shim Sang-eun 심상은 沈相恩 2014.10.30
Andreas Faber (Germany) 2015.01.16
윤경숙 Youn Kyung-sook 尹慶淑 2014.10.30
KEITA KAWASAKI 川崎景太 (Japan) 2016.07.29
Kim Sae-tae 김세태 金世泰 2014.10.31
Kazumasa Kubo 久保 数政(Japan) 2015.01.17
Shin Eun-sook 신은숙 申銀淑 2014.10.30
Lee Su-hwa 이수화 李受花 2014.10.30
Heo Mi-young 허미영 許美英 2014.10.30

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