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Takumi Nakaya 中家 匠海(Japan)

Takumi Nakaya
Remarks - florever

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1951 三重県生まれ

1982 名古屋でフラワーショップ 窓花 開業

1984 1回 個展

1986 神無月・花の宴」パフォーマンス

1987 マミフラワーデザイン「花はいきづいている」作品展優秀賞受賞

1988 神谷町花物語」デモンストレーション

1992 ART SESSION」パフォーマンス

19931998 プライベートライブ「BLOOMING BOOZE」開催

1994 「若葉・いろ・色」第2回個展


1995 東京ギャラリSOZOにて4人展

  JFTD14回ジャパンカップ競技会優勝 内閣総理大臣賞受賞

1996 東京清澄庭園にて「花逢瀬」刈屋崎省吾氏とパフォーマンス

1997 9回インターフローラワールドカップ アムステルダム大会日本代表



1998 長崎にてブライダルブーケ・コンペの審査・デモンストレーション




1999 九州花商連合組合40総会にてコンペの審査とデモンストレーション




2000 九州スペースワールドにてパフォーマンス

2001 湾にて講習会及びデモンストレーション


2002 JFTD50静岡大会ジャパンカップ審査



2003 東京銀座文藝春秋サロンにて講習





2005 湾(高雄)にてデモンストレーション



2006 ナゴヤドーム蘭展(フラワードーム)にてデモンストレーション



2007 名古屋松坂屋本店にて「競演 フラワーアーティスト展」と題し六人展

2008 マミフラワー指定教室の会にてデモンストレーション

FTD 大阪大 グランドチャンピオン大 審査




The floral life of TAKUMI NKAYA


1982 Opening own flower shop “Madka”

1984  First private exhibition at import furniture store “CORE”

1986  Floral performance titled “KAMNAZUKIHANANOUTAGEOctober floral party

1987  Winning excellent prize of Mami Flower Design “Flowers are alive and breathing”

1988  Floral performance titled “The floral story of Kamiyacho town”

1992  Floral performance titled “ART SESSION”

1993~1998  Floral Live Performance “Blooming Booze”

1994  Second private exhibition titled “The color of young leaves”

          Winning the prize at 13th JFTD Japan Cup Competition

1995  Participating in the exhibition by four artists at Gallery SOZO,Tokyo

          Winning championship(Prime Minister Award)at 14th JFTD Japan Cup Competition

1996  Floral performance with Shogo Kariyazaki at Kiyosumi Garden titled “Floral Tryst”

1997  Participating 9th Inter Flora World Cup in Amsterdam, representing Japan

          Participating in the exhibition by three artists in Nagoya titled “SUKIKATTEN”

          Invited to the Christmas show as a guest demonstrator in Taiwan

1998  Invited as a judge for the bridal bouquet competition and demonstrator at HUIS TEN BOSCH

          Floral performance at Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall

          Floral performance at Aiai Hall, Mie

          Christmas Dinner Show at Castle Hotel with Tomoki Uchiyama

1999  Invited as a judge and the demonstrator at 40th Annual Meeting of Kyushu Florists

          Demonstration at Japan Flower Festival in Mie

          Judging at the competition of Japanese Representative for the World Cup

          Participating in the exhibition by four artists at Furukawa Memorial House titled

          “In between East and West”

2000  Floral performance at Space World in Kyushu

2001  Demonstrations and workshops in number of cities in Taiwan

          Participating in the exhibition by three artists titled “SUMI SHITURAI”

2002  Judging at 50th JFTD Japan Cup Competition in Shizuoka

          Demonstration at BUNGEISHUNJYU, Ginza,Tokyo

          Demonstration and workshop in Hong Kong

2003  Workshop at BUNGEISHUNJYU, Ginza,Tokyo

          Demonstration and workshop in JFTD Toyama District

          Special workshop at Mami Flower Design School

          Winning the excellent prize at Mami Flower Design Award 2003

          Judging at the JFTD 50th Anniversary competition of Grand Championship in Tokyo 

2005  Demonstration in Kaohsiung,Taiwan

          Invited to Belgium as a demonstrator for the publication commemorative party of Daniel Ost                                                             

2006  Demonstration at the floral event in Nagoya Dome

          Judging at the 54th JFTD Japan Cup Competition in Sendai

          Demonstrations and workshops in Hong Kong and Taiwan

2007  Participating in the exhibition by six artists at Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya

2008  Demonstration at Mami Flower Design School

2009  Workshops in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong 

2010  Exhibition at Home of Morisaki Family in Gifu

          Exhibition for the anniversary of the temple founder’s deth at Shogenji Temple in Gifu

          Demonstration and workshop at NFD Fukui and NFD Mie

2011  Judging at Inter-Continental Cup 2011 in Taiwan

2013  Demonstrations and workshops in Hong Kong and Taiwan

2014  Demonstration in NFD Osaka

          Judging at Asia Cup 2014 in Japan


JFTD official judge

Instructor of Hana Cupid

Registered instructor of Mami Flower Design School

President of floral school “Madka” and flower shop “Madka”


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제목 날짜
Park Kyung-Min 박경민 朴倞民 2014.11.27
Takumi Nakaya 中家 匠海(Japan) 2015.01.16
Jung In-young 정인영 鄭因玲 2014.10.30
Lee Jae-hyo 이재효 李在孝 2014.10.30
Julia Youngju Kim 김영주 金榮珠 2014.10.30
Andreas Faber (Germany) 2015.01.16
Nam Hee-eun 남희은 南姬銀 2014.10.30
Kim Eun-young 김은영 金恩榮 2014.10.30
Seo Myeong-ok 서명옥 徐明玉 2014.10.30
Han Myeong-soon 한명순 韓明淳 2014.10.30
Masako Yoshikawa 吉川昌子 (japan) 2015.05.25
Kye Kyoung-ok 계경옥 桂京玉 2014.10.30
Gabriele Kubo(Germany) 2015.01.16
Shim Sang-eun 심상은 沈相恩 2014.10.30
KEITA KAWASAKI 川崎景太 (Japan) 2016.07.29
윤경숙 Youn Kyung-sook 尹慶淑 2014.10.30
Kim Sae-tae 김세태 金世泰 2014.10.31
Kazumasa Kubo 久保 数政(Japan) 2015.01.17
Shin Eun-sook 신은숙 申銀淑 2014.10.30
Lee Su-hwa 이수화 李受花 2014.10.30

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